QRadar Security Intelligence

QRadar Security Intelligence Courses:


In this video, you review how to use the DSM Editor to select a log source type, configure property parsing, and create new event categories and mapping. You also examine the new features of the DSM Editor, which are contained in the Configuration section. 

This video focuses on the new features: log source autodetection and properties. These features are available with QRadar SIEM 7.3.3.


To prevent security breaches, QRadar Vulnerability Manager helps your organization to detect and evaluate vulnerabilities of your IT systems. In this lab, you learn how to scan for vulnerabilities and how to investigate detected vulnerabilities.

The exercises in this lab provide a broad introduction into the features of QRadar Vulnerability Manager. The exercises cover the following topics:

  • Running a Patch Scan
  • Exploring centralized credentials
  • Adjusting environmental metrics for high-value IT systems
  • Focusing on risky vulnerability instances
  • Investigating the Heartbleed vulnerability
  • Creating a Scan Policy with active tests
  • Running a custom scan with active tests
  • Creating an exception