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Security Intelligence Latest Courses:


This hands-on lab is intended to review the configuration of a security profile, a user role, and a user account so that you can understand how these concepts are related to each other and how they can provide you with granular control of a user's access to information in your Console.


This course teaches you how to configure a QRadar Retention Bucket within QRadar Administration. First, you learn about QRadar data retention and how to retain event and flow data in IBM QRadar. Then, you run an interactive simulation to configure QRadar Retention Buckets.  


QRadar Deployment Intelligence is a monitoring application built to give users a birds-eye-view of the health of their QRadar deployment. The app consolidates the following historical data points on a per-host basis: 

  • Status
  • Up-time
  • Notifications
  • Event and flow rates
  • System performance metrics
  • QRadar specific metrics and more

In this course, you learn how to use the interactive app, by first displaying initial overviews for all hosts, and then drilling down and investigating specific hosts to see detailed health and status information.