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This video provides an overview of key Log Source Management app features. In addition to the overview, the video demonstrates how to bulk add and bulk edit log sources, how to update DSMs and protocols, and how to test log sources with the app.


  • Learn about the new Disconnected Log Manager feature
  • Explore the Log Source Management app user interface
  • Learn how to bulk add and edit log sources
  • Learn how to update DSMs and protocols
  • Learn how to test log sources to confirm whether they are configured correctly


IBM My Notifications is the primary method for users to receive email information about their products from the support teams, such as Flash Notices. The IBM Security QRadar Support team uses Flash Notices to alert administrators to critical issues or changes that can affect your QRadar deployment. This video shows how to subscribe to Flash Notices and update your profile on My Notifications.


In this video, you will learn about the benefits of setting up and using third-party threat intelligence data in IBM Security QRadar Advisor with Watson.