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QRadar Advisor with Watson Courses:

What's new in QRadar Advisor with Watson V2

QRadar Advisor with Watson helps you automate your repetitive SOC tasks while gaining actionable insights into critical incidents faster and to adopt a quicker and more decisive escalation process. 

Version 2 allows you to align incidents with the MITRE ATT&CK chain and utilize cross-investigation analytics. Through analysis of the local environment, QRadar Advisor V2 recommends, which new investigations should be escalated to assist an analyst with driving quicker and more decisive escalations.

Strengthening Security with Cognitive Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the future of cybersecurity. Security professionals need to mine not only structured information but also unstructured data, including human-generated content. Artificial intelligence enables IT teams to reason, learn and provide a context in real time beyond simple analytics patterns.

Armed with this collective insight, security analysts can respond to threats with increased speed, accuracy and confidence.

Mark Brosnan, Mary O’Brien, Anthony O’Callaghan and Ronan Murphy discuss how to stay ahead of the game in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

This Panel Discussion about "Strengthening Security With Cognitive Analytics And Intelligent Integration" has been recorded at the Zero Day Con 2017, and it is reproduced here with the permission of ZDC, February 2018.

QRadar Advisor with Watson - Technical deep dive

In this four-part course you learn the fundamental details of QRadar Advisor with Watson.

The first video provides background information about cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how QRadar Advisor with Watson fits into that space. Then the video explains how IBM Watson is used in cyber security and, specifically, in QRadar.

The second video explains typical responsibilities of the security analyst job role. Then, it explains how those security analysts can use QRadar Advisor with Watson to assist them in their threat analysis and investigation.

The third video describes standard terminology and the individual components of QRadar Advisor with Watson, and how they can be utilized.

Finally, a real-world use case demonstration of a user related investigation shows how QRadar Advisor with Watson is being used to shorten the investigation and response times when it really matters.

QRadar Advisor with Watson - Investigation and Analysis

In this four-part video, we explain how QRadar Advisor with Watson can empower Security Analysts by reducing critical time for investigations and at the same time enriching the findings using the information discovered by Watson.

The first video describes three different investigation methods using QRadar Advisor:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Re-Investigation.
The second video covers the Watson tab in the QRadar console by exploring the three analytical stages that can be used with QRadar Advisor with Watson:
  • Local
  • Watson Insights
  • Expanded Local Context
The third video demonstrates how to use the Watson knowledge graph, and shows details related to malware execution and blocking. The video also explains the export feature and covers the STIX standard.

Finally, a real-world use case demonstration of a user related investigation shows how QRadar Advisor with Watson is being used to shorten the investigation and response times when it really matters.

Optimizing QRadar Advisor with Watson - Open Mic

This video provides a replay of the IBM QRadar Open Mic: "Optimizing QRadar Advisor with Watson" that was hosted on 08 June 2017. The following topics are addressed in this one-hour video:

  • Intro
  • Announcements
  • QRadar tuning review
  • QRadar Advisor with Watson pre-requisites
  • QRadar Advisor with Watson best practices
  • User Interface
  • Getting help

Installing QRadar Advisor with Watson

This video demonstrates how to install QRadar Advisor with Watson and how to perform the initial setup. The video covers the prerequisites needed for the app and all settings relevant to the new configuration.

Investigating offenses by using QRadar Advisor with Watson v2.x

In this lab, you learn how to configure and use the QRadar Advisor with Watson app in a QRadar offense investigation. You can download QRadar Advisor with Watson from the IBM Security App Exchange, but you must have a valid subscription to configure and run the app. In this lab, you can use the app without activating your paid subscription or enrolling in a 30-day free trial. You learn to use regular expressions to extract QRadar custom properties and configure reference sets, rules, network hierarchy, and assets. The lab also walks you through the investigation process and you learn how to interpret QRadar Advisor knowledge graphs. 

The lab provides an overview of the Cyber Adversary Framework Mapping Application. This app is used to map your custom rules to MITRE ATT&CK tactics and override the IBM default rule mappings.

The QRadar Advisor with Watson app V2.0.0 automatically maps MITRE ATT&CK tactics to CRE rules. In the QRadar Advisor with Watson app, you can see the tactics that are identified for an offense investigation, a search, and displayed in the offense details pane.