QRadar Advisor with Watson Roadmaps:

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Getting Started with QRadar Advisor with Watson

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 7h 15m.

This roadmap outlines fundamental courses intended for someone who works with IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson. These courses introduce you to cognitive analytics and the QRadar Advisor architecture and deployment models and help you to deploy QRadar Advisor into your overall QRadar environment.


Review the following courses to learn about QRadar Advisor concepts and architecture and how to use the cognitive analytics capabilities for your threat investigations.


Study the following courses to become familiar with the QRadar Advisor installation and how to configure and optimize the application for your deployment.


In the following courses, you learn about various use cases and how QRadar Advisor can empower Security Analysts by reducing the time for investigations, and how it enriches the findings by using information discovered by Watson.