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Cette vidéo présente les 4 façons possibles pour envoyer les champs d’une base IBM i2 iBase vers un graphe ANB (IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook). Les 4 options possibles sont :

  • Les Attributs
  • Les Formats de Graphe
  • Les Formats de Libellés
  • Les Enregistrements de Données

Les champs et valeurs d’iBase sur un graphe ANB permettent de filtrer les données en fonction des valeurs de certains champs.

Durée: 57 minutes


This video shows how to import records with attached pictures or documents in iBase using the Import Specifications.

For example, you may want to import Persons records with an ID picture for some of the records..

Also, you may have some Entity or Link types with a Document field type, and you want to import new records with their attached documents.

Duration: 13 minutes


This video shows how to purge (remove) the attributes from an IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook (ANB) chart.

In Analyst’s Notebook, while there is an option to purge data records from the items on an ANB chart, there is not a similar feature to purge the attributes for all or some of the items on a chart.

However, you can select which attributes you want to purge, and for which items on the chart (as it works for entities and links).

Duration: 4 minutes


In this video, our IBM i2 expert will walk you through how to make bar charts and histograms fit to window.

This feature is available in i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium version 9.2.1 and above.

Duration: 2 minutes