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This video provides a demonstration of the i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) 360-view investigate capability where the scenario is set within the context of law enforcement with the user being a police detective.

This capability allows operational, non-analyst users to conduct fast target investigation to answer common questions quickly and easily. This comprehensive “360-view” capability requires no training to use and no specific knowledge of the data ontology or analyst techniques.

Highlights of this 360-view investigate capability include:

  • Makes rich intelligence data available to a broader group of users in a secure, cost effective way – across all i2 solution domains, in both public and private sectors
  • Offers untrained users the ability to easily traverse data from the “information store” (enterprise repository) in a read-only mode via a web browser
  • Allows users to feel confident to explore safely with no ability to change / remove / damage data
  • Can be used by anyone with basic web skills, such as web browser search / explore and web-based product purchase
  • Aligns to a data schema and uses the same security model as the i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis information store
  • Helps make an analyst more productive by reducing interruptions throughout the working day to answer basic questions by non-analysts; speeds up information flow to end users
  • Highly configurable on deployment to ensure the most relevant contextual common questions can be answered automatically
Duration: 4 minutes