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Depending on how your system administrator has configured Analyst's Notebook, you might have a number of rules that are available as defaults. You can activate or deactivate these rules but you cannot amend them. This course show you how to create and edit your own rules.

Match rules consist of:
  • A name and description.
  • An entity type, for example a Person.
  • The property or properties to use in setting conditions, such as Last Name.
  • An operator that sets the kind of comparison for the match, such as Exact match.
  • Refinements to ignore particular characters and white space, if required.
  • The minimum conditions that must be met to report a match.

For example, in your data the combination of Passport Number and Date of Birth, or Last Name might provide strong evidence of a Person match. You can create a rule that tells Analyst's Notebook to identify the records on the chart with the same values for these properties. The example match rule would be:

  • Entity type = Person
  • Match all:
    • Property type = Passport Number
    • Operator = Exact match
  • Match any:
    • Property type = Last Name
    • Operator = Exact match
    • Property type = Date of Birth
    • Operator = Exact match
Duration: 20 minutes


In this video, you will learn about the new source references and record identifiers feature for IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium.

Duration: 9 minutes


This video takes you through one of the new features from the latest IBM i2 release.

The Get Matches feature in Analyst’s Notebook Premium allows you to check items on your chart against items in the Information Store.

In this video, you will be shown:

  • how to use Get Matches
  • what administrative steps are necessary to configure and enable Get Matches
Duration: 6 minutes