IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Videos

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Videos Courses:

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Using List Items

This video shows you how to view and sort all the data that has been entered on a chart using the List Items menu option.

Duration: 2 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Merging templates

This video explains how to merge an Analyst's Notebook (ANB) chart template with another chart template in ANB.

Duration: 2 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Adding information to a cover sheet

In this video, you will learn how to update a cover sheet for an Analyst's Notebook chart.

Duration: 1 minute

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Reuse a chart as a template

This video details how you can reuse a chart as a template within i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Duration: 2 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - How to add link number values after merging entities

Data moved to an i2 Analyst's Notebook chart from another source (like iBase) could have duplicated data with links displaying numbers that you want added together if an end point entity is merged with another. This course shows you how to make the link numbers add together automatically after the entities are merged.

Duration: 15 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Linking event frames to theme lines quickly

This video shows you a shortcut for quickly linking event frames in a i2 Analyst's Notebook chart to theme lines.

Duration: 1 minute

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Adding items to the Activity View

This course explains how to add items to the Activity View in Analyst's Notebook.

When you add items to the Activity View, any temporal data that is associated with them can be represented as activity indicators on the item timeline.

The activity indicators provide greater visibility of timings and sequences, making it easier to compare items.

Time: 5 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - How to print a chart to a PDF file

This course provides the steps needed to ensure that you do not get a blank PDF file when printing a chart to PDF.

Duration: 1 minute

i2 Analyst's Notebook (ANB) - Ouvrir des bases iBase dans ANB

Comment ouvrir une base iBase dans le programme IBM i2 iBase.

Ensuite, comment ouvrir plusieurs bases iBase. Deux cas possibles :

  • Les bases iBase partagent le même fichier de sécurité IDS
  • Les bases iBase utilisent des fichiers de sécurité différents
Time:  13 minutes

Resolving the "Failed to save document" error in i2 Analyst's Notebook

When attempting to save an i2 Analyst's Notebook (ANB) chart, you receive an error message "Failed to save Document".

However, you are still able to execute a Print to PDF or Save to Picture option.

You are also unable to create a new standard chart and then copy the existing chart and save it to the new chart without getting the same  "Failed to save Document" error. This error continues to appear whether you create a blank chart or a chart with only one entity.

This course show you how to save the chart, especially, if you need to keep using this chart for a current project and you do not want to rebuild the chart entirely.

Duration: 20 minutes

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook & iBase - Enregistrements Concordants

Description de la fonction "Enregistrements Concordants" d'iBase (depuis le programme IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook).

Cette fonction vous permet de vérifier si, par rapport à une entité iBase sur un graphe ANB, il existe d'autres entités qui partagent plusieurs caractéristiques.

Par exemple, est-ce qu'il y a des personnes avec le même nom, la même date de naissance, mais un prénom différent. Ou le même nom, le même prénom, mais une date de naissance différente.

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook and iBase - La fonction Etendre depuis iBase

Description des différentes options de la fonction Etendre sur le programme IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook (ANB), sur une base i2 ibase.

Les 7 options sont :

  • Profondeur
  • Libellé des liens
  • Multiplicité des liens
  • Filtres sur les types d'entités et/ou les types de liens
  • Style de représentation - Inclure les liens connectés
  • Inclure les voisins communs

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Tranform network chart into a timeline chart and grouped theme layout

This video introduces you to two new features in i2 Analyst's Notebook which includes:

  • Using a menu selection to automatically transform your network chart into a timeline chart
  • Clustering highly connected timelines into groups which minimizes the number of links that cross the theme line

i2 Analyst's Notebook -Verify the version numbers for plug-ins

This video shows you how to copy the list of the i2 Analyst's Notebook plug-ins with their version numbers into a text file. This is important information you need to provide when contacting IBM i2 support.

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Showing the number of financial transactions

This video shows you how you to set up an import so you can display the number and the amount of financial transactions in a link on an Analyst's Notebook chart.

This is accomplished by the import of financial data.

Time: 8 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium - Information Store Visual Query

This video describes how to use visual queries which allows the Information Store to be explored using specific conditions and relationships.

This feature is available in i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium version 9.0.5 and above.

Time: 1 minute

i2 Analyst's Notebook v9 - Spell Checking


  • Understand how to detect and fix spell mistakes within chart item properties


7 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook v9 - List Most Connected


  • Know how to reveal the network connections between entities


1:03 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium v9 - Information Store Adhoc Importer Introduction


Understand how the importer works with the Information Store


10 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Additional Cyber and Social Media Icons


  • Know what additional cyber icons have been added to the Cyber Crime palette
  • Learn about the new social media palette


1 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook v9 - Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar


  • Learn about the new quick access toolbar
  • Know how to make changes to the quick access toolbar
  • Understand what tasks are under each specific ribbon


2:17 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Importing entities

In this video, you will learn how to import data which could be seen as ambiguous. It shows you how to ensure that the entities are displayed with unique identities in i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Time: 9 minutes

i2 Analyst's Notebook - Maximize the chart size

This video shows you how to hide panes (such as the Insert from Palette pane) in the i2 Analyst's Notebook window so you can maximize the size of your chart window. This course includes a demonstration on the options to use to hide and show panes.

Duration: 5 minutes