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Tech Day: Guardium Insights

IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security provides centralized views of your security data and risk-based alerts, allowing you to view, investigate, apply data protection and uncover hidden threats across your on-premises and cloud-based data sources.

This session will explain some of the common data security problems and best practices. Next, you will see the data security vision and how Guardium Insights works and have an opportunity for a hands on lab.

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Meet the Authors

Josh KlahnJosh Klahn
Guardium Insights Offering Manager

Devan ShahDevan Shah
Software Architect and Chief Engineer
Data Security

Tech Day: Use Verify SaaS with Verify Access (ISAM)

Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) allows organizations to more quickly adapt to evolving business requirements with a smaller footprint and faster time-to-value. If you’re still operating on a pure on-premises environment, it might be time to add on SaaS.

Join us for an interactive session where you’ll learn how to add features from IBM Security Verify SaaS, our IDaaS solution, to IBM Security Verify Access (formerly ISAM).

- Benefits to IBM Security Verify Access through demonstration and example use cases
- Hands-on lab walkthrough
- Live Q&A session

Event replay will be available shortly

Tech Day: Use Verify SaaS with IBM Security Identity Manager

Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) allows organizations to more quickly adapt to evolving business requirements with a smaller footprint and faster time-to-value. If you’re still operating on a pure on-premises environment, it might be time to add on SaaS.

Tech Day: Use Verify (SaaS or On-prem) with IBM Security Trusteer to deliver Adaptive Access

Digital identity trust and user experience are often seen as mutually exclusive but IBM Security Verify with adaptive access spares your users friction while protecting critical data and applications.

Join us for an interactive session where you’ll learn how to enable adaptive access by adding features from IBM Security Trusteer to IBM Security Verify access management solutions.

Tech Day: Cloud Pak for Data and Guardium Data Protection: Better Together

Join us for an interactive session to learn how integrating IBM's best-of-breed data security solution with its modern, governed data analytics and AI platform allows enterprises to realize the innovative potential of their data

The three-hour tech workshop includes:

    • IBM Cloud Pak for Data with Guardium Data Protection overview and deep-dive with data and security experts
    • Solution demonstrations
    • Live Q&A throughout

Tech Day: Securing modern data environments with IBM Security Guardium

Flexible connections to your data storage. Consistent data security across your enterprise.

Join us for an interactive session to learn how Guardium Data Protection can be used to manage a proactive data security program across hybrid multi-cloud environments.  With its modern, flexible and scalable platform, Guardium allows enterprises to proactively safeguard their data with effective security and compliance controls.

Guardium Data Protection provides holistic and powerful data security and automated compliance workflows for hybrid multi-cloud data deployments. With the latest release, Guardium provides users the flexibility to use at-source monitoring through Guardium S-TAP, monitoring data sources in an agentless architecture using External S-TAP, streaming APIs, as well as the new Guardium Universal Connectors, which provide clients the ability to monitor data sources without an agent, reducing the burden on infrastructure teams.

The three-hour tech workshop includes:
  • IBM Security Guardium Data Protection overview, including new features of the latest release, v11.3.
  • Monitoring options: Guardium Universal Connectors, External S-TAP and API Streaming    -overview and deep-dive with security experts
  • Live Q&A throughout

Tech Day: Continuously monitor and protect sensitive data across your mainframe environments

Mainframes continue to form the backbone of critical business activities and digital interactions with customers. As workloads increase, organizations should consider additional data protection measures on top of built-in mainframe security to protect the data stored in mainframe and z/OS environments. Guardium Data Protection for z/OS protects business sensitive data with scalable monitoring, analytics, and controls for regulatory compliance and protection against advanced threats.

Join us in this tech talk for a comprehensive overview of the continuous and adaptive approach to mainframe data protection offered by Guardium for z/OS. We will deep dive into Guardium and Z security, see Guardium Data Protection at work during an interactive demo, and get answers from experts to all your burning questions on protecting data on z/OS.

Tech Day: Data Security and the SIEM: A Partnership for the Future with Guardium and QRadar

Data security should be everyone’s business.

Given that cost of a data breach continues to rise, digital transformation has accelerated, and enterprise data grows exponentially as organizations embrace hybrid multicloud environments, it is no surprise that analysts and security leaders alike proclaim data security as a top priority in 2021 and beyond—from defending against a potential breach to preserving privacy and consumer trust.

For this priority to be realized, data security solutions must effectively integrate with threat management tools, specifically those tools that cover security incident and event management (SIEM). This priority leads the data security and SIEM spaces at IBM Security with Guardium and QRadar, two platforms built to handle the data security and general security loads that come with a digitally transformative organization, respectively.

Join us for this 2-hour Tech Day event, which includes:
  • Overviews of the Guardium and QRadar platforms
  • An in-depth demo of how to integrate Guardium and QRadar
  • Engaging discussions with IBM Security Experts on how integrating Guardium and QRadar can refine visibility and understanding of data security threats and boost cross-security collaboration and response
  • Live Q&A throughout

Tech Day: Protect Any Identity with IBM Security Verify

Protect any identity, both inside and outside your organization.

From workforce and consumer identities to APIs and IOT devices, IBM Security's vision is to connect any identity to any resource across any cloud. Whether you're implementing zero trust initiatives to keep your employees, partners and contractors safe or you're exploring modernization strategies for consumer-facing websites and mobile apps, identity remains at the core. Join this session to hear IBM's identity team discuss:
  • Extending the Verify portfolio to protect any identity
  • IBM's design thinking approach for architecting a consumer IAM program
  • IBM's point of view on how to apply zero trust to enable business results

Tech Day: Developing and protecting apps with IBM Security Verify

By 2023, 80% of organizations may fail to meet security, privacy, usability and scale requirements if IAM teams don’t deliver technical guidance to developers, according to Gartner. With development cycles iterating on new apps and services faster than ever, developers need options—whether that means low-code workflows to embed IAM capabilities quickly and effectively as a non-expert or deeper customization and total control through robust APIs. In this session, IBM’s identity experts discuss:
  • Developing an app and integrating with OIDC
  • Developing an app and integrating with pure APIs
  • Protecting existing on-prem apps with the containerized Application Gateway