Everything about IBM Trusteer Solutions

This section hosts a collection of videos, documents and other resources that may shed light on the cybercrime world, the threats that exist in it and the solutions that IBM Trusteer offers. 

Everything about IBM Trusteer Solutions Courses:

Battling fraud at the root cause

This white paper provides an overview of how cybercriminals circumvent security measures at each stage of a transaction’s lifecycle—pre-login, during login and post-login—and offers strategies to help financial organizations combat malware-driven attacks.

Behavioral biometrics: Helping to stop fraud, not productivity

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps fight fraud with machine learning and real-time intelligence services.

BRD-Groupe Société Générale (Case study-USEN)

Improved detection and protection against malware and phishing threats, along with faster remediation, is helping BRD security staff save time, reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction.

Cognitive fraud detection fuels adaptable intelligence White paper

Cognitive fraud detection fuels adaptable intelligence to help banks combat evolving threats and build new and better customer experiences.

Cognitive fraud detection fuels adaptable intelligence White paper (W) - USEN

Cognitive fraud detection fuels adaptable intelligence to help banks combat evolving threats and build new and better customer experiences.

Combat global security threats through a holistic, multilayered solution (Solution brief-USEN)

To combat growing cyber threats, financial institutions need a new paradigm - one that provides effective, nonintrusive and integrated protection across all channels. The IBM Security Trusteer suite of integrated fraud prevention solutions delivers capabilities that meet these needs.

Defend against fraud with threat-aware access management solutions

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection and IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK are now integrated with IBM Security Access Manager for Web, enabling organizations to detect online fraud and malware in real time, and protect critical assets with centralized policy enforcement.

Do faster payments mean faster fraud?

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect uses an advanced recognition engine to spot many types of fraud attempts in financial transactions.

Faster payments: Help detect and prevent fraud while speeding up financial processing times in the US White paper

To assist US financial companies in remaining secure as they reduce processing times for payments and funds transfers, IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps detect fraud while helping reduce false positives and the fraud alert rate.

Financial malware explained

This white paper examines the lifecycle of a fraudulent transaction, including the tactics that cybercriminals use to infect victims'machines, harvest credentials and execute fraudulent transactions - and how IBM Security Trusteer solutions address risks and respond to evolving threats.

Fraud protection doesn't have to be an uphill battle White paper

The IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite offers a simplified approach to fraud management to help financial organizations more accurately identify and prevent fraud, and it is designed to help organizations lower costs and improve the end user experience.

Fraud risk engines strike back

This white paper discusses the challenges organizations face with legacy fraud detection solutions, such as statistical-based risk engines, and how IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect offers a different approach that can help detect fraud and can help reduce false positives.

Helping protect Mobile Financial Services with IBM Security Trusteer capabilities

As shown in this paper, banks and other financial institutions should take responsibility for mobile security through customer awareness training, as well as the need for contracts with third parties, such as networks, carriers and app stores.

Holistic fraud prevention: Transforming the customers’ experience

Why strong, effective security can and should both enhance the customer experience and lower operational costs.

IBM Mobile Malware Roundup Q2 2016

This quarterly update, which aggregates IBM Trusteer data from April 1 to June 30, 2016, lists the top mobile threats, including malicious apps, exploits, and malware.

IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite Solution brief

The IBM Security Trusteer portfolio, featuring IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite, helps you address all phases of the fraud management lifecycle - detection, prevention, investigation and remediation - across all digital channels, including online and mobile.

IBM Security Trusteer mobile solutions: Meeting banking security threats Solution brief

IBM Trusteer solutions for mobile security help banks detect and assess potential risks to end-user and banking security in mobile transactions by correlating device and account risk factors to help stop account takeover attacks from mobile devices using stolen credentials.

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect Solution brief

To combat malware that can circumvent traditional detection tools, IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect uses intelligence-based fraud detection to help protect against fraudulent transactions and account takeover events.

IBM Trusteer Quarterly Mobile Threats Roundup Q3 2016

IBM Trusteer Quarterly Mobile Threats Roundup Q3 2016

IBM Trusteer Rapport® for Mitigation

IBM Trusteer Rapport® for Mitigation helps investigate, block, remove, and remediate MitB infected endpoint devices. Financial institutions are prime targets for cybercriminal activity with malware being the primary attack tool.

IBM Trusteer: Monthly Mobile Threat Roundup - March 2016

IBM Trusteer: Monthly Mobile Threat Roundup - March 2016

ISMG and IBM Trusteer: Preserving the customer experience

Shaked Vax of survey sponsor IBM Security will offer his insights on the overall survey results.

Kabu.com Case Study

Starting the free distribution of IBM Security Trusteer Rapport - providing a safer online financial service environment to account holders.

Making a business case for fraud-prevention technology

Financial institutions need to consider a broad array of key business case components, beyond fraud loss reduction and fraud-management operating costs, when examining the business ramifications of various fraud-prevention technology approaches.

Meet Shifu

A brand new advanced banking Trojan discovered in the wild has been named “Shifu” by IBM X-Force research, after the Japanese word for ‘thief’. The malware was unearthed by IBM Security anti-fraud products through continuous protection of customer endpoints all over the world.

Meeting FFIEC guidance and cutting costs with automated fraud prevention

In addition to meeting the latest FFIEC guidelines for effective fraud prevention, financial organizations need to select solutions that can help them quickly adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. This white paper discusses how IBM Security Trusteer cybercrime prevention architecture can help.

Mobile fraud prevention: IBM MobileFirst Platform and Trusteer Mobile SDK

IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK is now integrated into IBM MobileFirst Platform, formerly known as IBM Worklight, making it easier for developers to integrate security capabilities into mobile banking applications as they build, test, integrate and deploy them.

Mobile Malware Threat Report

Mobile malware and malicious apps are an escalating security issue transforming the threat landscape to become the top emerging threat to organizations serving customers through the mobile channel as well as enterprises that allow access to internal resources via mobile devices.

Old techniques, new channel: Mobile malware adapting PC threat techniques

Learn how to mitigate fraud risks even as cyber criminals innovate and extend PC threat techniques to the mobile device.

Preventing web fraud: IBM Security Trusteer integrated solutions (Solution brief-USEN)

IBM Security Trusteer fraud prevention solutions deliver best-in-breed technologies and provide a “one-stop shop” of integrated and advanced security solutions. The central component within this fully-integrated portfolio is IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection.

Rapport White Paper - Arming The Front Line

Online banking customers are at the front line of the war against financial fraud, and effectively arming them with a behavior-based endpoint solution can help protect them against the stealthiest attacks, and help stop fraud before it can even begin.

React to the Faster Payments Imperative: Spot fraud on the fly

A solution brief describing how IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect can help banks detect fraud that might result from a future directive.

Selecting the right cybercrime-prevention solution

Cybercrime prevention needs to reach beyond fraud prevention. Organizations also need to consider deployment costs, management complexity, impact to customers and regulatory compliance. This document examines seven best practices for achieving effective, sustainable cybercrime prevention.

Shifting the balance of power with cognitive fraud detection

With IBM cognitive fraud detection capabilities, financial service providers can detect fraud more accurately and quickly than ever before.

The Forrester Total Economic Impact of IBM Trusteer Solutions

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI).

The pitfalls of two-factor authentication A cautionary tale about the growing threats against legacy security solutions in banks

IBM Security Trusteer solutions provide a layered security approach that can help overcome the pitfalls of two-factor authentication. They can help identify the root cause of malware and phishing attacks, defend against identity theft and thwart the evolving tactics of today’s fraudsters.

The Revised Directive on Payment Services

A white paper outlining how IBM Trusteer solutions can help meet standards in the EU’s newly revised Payment Services Directive.

The thriving malware industry: Cybercrime made easy

The malware industry supplies all the tools cybercriminals need to easily perpetrate malware-driven financial fraud and data theft - but anti-malware solutions from IBM Security enable protection from online fraud and data theft, for sustainable cybercrime prevention.

Transforming the approach to phishing detection and protection

Client-side phishing protections combined with advanced phishing detection capabilities can help prevent phishing success.

Trusteer Mobile Security Q&A

How are fraudsters infiltrating mobile devices? Why don’t legacy fraud protection systems catch mobile fraud? This white paper provides answers to common mobile security questions and outlines the capabilities needed to better detect compromised or vulnerable mobile devices.

Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection white paper

Understanding crime logic and how to detect it

Webster Bank Case Study

In order to proactively help prevent fraud for its business clients on their Web-Link online banking platform, the bank deployed an endpoint-centric fraud prevention solution, based on Trusteer™ software from IBM.

Winning the war on cybercrime: Keys to holistic fraud prevention

The holistic, integrated fraud-prevention platform from IBM Security effectively protects financial institutions against the full range of attack vectors responsible for the majority of online and cross-channel fraud, including account takeover.