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zSecure Alert Courses:

zSecure Real Time Feeds: Alert vs. Audit

IBM Security zSecure suite provides real-time feeds through both the Alert and Audit products. There are, however, differences and they can cause confusion and undermine the value of the feeds and ultimately, security.

In this video, David Rossi,  Cybersecurity Architect and Z specialist, will discuss zSecure Alert’s host based monitoring at LPAR level and zSecure Audit event streaming for SIEM.

David will lay out best practices for this topic.

Duration 40 minutes

How to add an installation-defined Alert to zSecure Alert

This zSecure Alert instruction video, shows you how you can add an installation-defined Alert to the IBM Security zSecure Alert User Interface. This video starts with a brief introduction of the IBM Security zSecure Alert tool. The last part of this video is a software simulation that shows how to define and add an installation-defined Alert to the zSecure Alert User Interface.

How to Configure IBM zSecure Alerts to Send Events to IBM QRadar

This video is a technical walk through of all steps needed to configure zSecure Alert to send events to QRadar. zSecure Alert is the real-time monitor component of the zSecure suite. It can correlate events and send out real-time alerts through e-mail, text message, Write To Operator console messages, SNMP traps, or syslog receiver events. It also integrates capabilities for data analysis and enrichment that are part of zSecure Audit. This integration allows forwarding real-time alerts from zSecure Alert to QRadar SIEM through the syslog protocol.

IBM Security zSecure Open Mic: zSecure Alert

Join Mike Riches, Jeroen Tiggelman, Guus Bonnes, Jamie Pease and Rob van Hoboken from the IBM Security zSecure Support team, as they discusses zSecure Alert: What, Why, Where and How.

IBM Security: Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)/z/OS Introduction

The video describes the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) authentication process, describe the system authorization facility (SAF) role in the authentication process, and identify additional resources to advance your RACF knowledge and skill level.

Duration: 9 minutes