zSecure Audit

zSecure Audit Courses:

Pervasive Encryption Key Management (IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation Web)

IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation Web (EKMF Web) is a web application that you use to manage Pervasive Encryption data keys on a System z mainframe.

In this video, you will be given an introduction to EKMF Web, an overview of the architecture and key roles, and a list of EKMF Web pre-requisites. This video also includes a full demonstration of the pervasive encryption key management provided by EKMF Web.

Duration: 19 minutes

Pervasive Encryption: z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT)

This video provides details and a demonstration of the z/OS® Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT), a capability provided by the z/OS V2R3 Communications Server.

Using zERT, you have a single source of information to determine which traffic is cryptographically protected by TLS/SSL, IPSec and SSH, and which is not. This information is valuable for determining regulatory compliance and for identifying connections that might need stronger cryptographic protection.

Version 1.0

Duration: 14 minutes

zSecure Audit RACF: File integrity monitoring

This course describes how to perform file integrity monitoring feature in the zSecure Audit for Resource Access Control Facility (RACF).

Duration: 10 minutes

zSecure Audit RACF: View z/OS settings

This course shows how to view z/OS settings in zSecure Audit for Resource Access Control Facility (RACF).

Duration: 15 minutes

IBM Z Multi-Factor Authentication

This video provides details on the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to provision a user for the Timed One Token Password (TOTP) factor. You will learn how to provision a user with:

  • IBM Verify
  • Google Authenticator
{GENERICO:type="hints",style="Information",text="IBM® Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS®, which is referred to in this document as IBM MFA, provides alternate authentication mechanisms for z/OS networks that are used in conjunction with RSA SecurID-based authentication systems, Apple Touch ID devices, and certificate authentication options such as PIV/CAC cards. IBM MFA allows RACF to use alternate authentication mechanisms in place of the standard z/OS password."}{GENERICO:type="hints_end"}

Duration: 12 minutes

zSecure Real Time Feeds: Alert vs. Audit

IBM Security zSecure suite provides real-time feeds through both the Alert and Audit products. There are, however, differences and they can cause confusion and undermine the value of the feeds and ultimately, security.

In this video, David Rossi,  Cybersecurity Architect and Z specialist, will discuss zSecure Alert’s host based monitoring at LPAR level and zSecure Audit event streaming for SIEM.

David will lay out best practices for this topic.

Duration 40 minutes