Enrollment Guides

MaaS360 enrollment guides for all device types

Enrollment Guides Overview

In order for devices, apps, and/or information to be managed, devices themselves must be enrolled with MaaS360.  There are various kinds of management, and the enrollments vary very little between them, making MaaS360 simple to get up and running whether managing mobile or laptop/desktop devices.  MaaS360 also supports a variety of vendor specific enrollment types that streamline the process for organizational assets.


Enroll On Behalf Of - Enrollment method for admins to enroll user devices using admin credentials.



Standard MDM 

Standalone Secure Productivity Suite (SPS)

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Enrolling Devices Via Apple Configurator




Standard MDM

Standalone Secure Productivity Suite (SPS)

Profile Owner Enrollment

Device Owner Enrollment

KME to Device Owner



Windows 10 MDM

Out of Box Experience



Standard MDM

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)