Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Apple Volume Purchase Program Integration

What is VPP - The Apple Volume Purchase Program allows organizations to bulk purchase paid apps.  The VPP license also serves as a delivery mechanism for free apps, allowing devices with supervised configurations to silently install public apps, with no Apple ID or user interaction.

Begin by creating an account at or 

The VPP Store can also be found at

STEP 1: Getting the VPP Token from Apple

1. Login to the VPP store or Deployment Portal:


2. Navigate the store to find and purchase applications, or, select the number of licenses for a free app.  Applications should be purchased using Managed Distribution to take full advantage of VPP features.  Free apps will automatically be Managed Distribution.


3. When the purchases are complete, navigate to Account Summary and download the VPP token

iTunes Portal:

Business or School Portal:


STEP 2: Adding the Token to MaaS360

1. In the MaaS360 portal navigate to Apps --> Catalog --> More --> Apple VPP License Tokens and click Add Token

2. Select the proper token, the extension will be .vpptoken, and upload to MaaS360


STEP 3: Managing Distributions

1. Add an app to the MaaS360 app catalog using app distribution workflows.  Once the app is added, select distribute.  If there is a VPP license associated, there will be an option for User and Device based distribution

To distribute to a device and tie the app to a users Apple ID, select "User." To distribute to a device, no Apple ID (or even app store) access required, select "Device"

NOTE: Certain distribution features, such as silent installation, require minimum OS versions and Supervised iOS devices.


2. To manage existing distributions, navigate to Apps --> Catalog --> More --> Manage Distributions.  If the app has a VPP license associated, the license type will appear in the field

To change an existing distribution, click "Modify License" by the app name. (Note: this will only impact future installs, not current)


3. The option will appear on all app distributions made to Groups or Bundles, even if there are apps without VPP licenses.  The selection will only apply to apps with licenses