Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.


MaaS360 has partnered with TeamViewer to offer a remote viewing/remote control experience across all devices that MaaS360 supports in MDM (iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows).  The TeamViewer integration is quick and easy to setup, and a breeze to implement.  To get started, follow the instructions below.

(NOTE: If you are already a TeamViewer client, please reach out to your account representative.  The below steps are for new customers only)



The TeamViewer remote support is enabled under the services page in MaaS360 (if you do not see the option, please reach out to your account representative to enable).  There is a link within the settings to setup a trial account.  All that is required is an email address that is not currently tied to a TeamViewer Account

Once the trial is created, there will be an email notification that must be acknowledged to finalize before MaaS360 can bind with the service

NOTE: There may be prompts for TeamViewer app installs on the device.  Please continue through the process as required, even if the machine being used to sign up is not the machine that is going to administer TeamViewer.


Once this is complete, back on the MaaS360 services page, enter the email address used, and click authorize.

There will be a redirect to a TeamViewer page.  Allow the permissions to continue

The setup is now complete (trial mode).  If TeamViewer will be used going forward, please work with your MaaS360 account representative to go from trial to customer



MaaS360 can make it easier to get the TeamViewer sessions going by deploying the agent via the app catalog.  In the case of mobile devices, there are 2 applications available from TeamViewer.  MaaS360 will be utilizing the QuickSupport agent (the other is an administrative app).  MaaS360 can deploy the app to devices silently in the following scenarios:

  • iOS devices: QuickSupport app with device based VPP licenses pushed via MaaS360 with instant install to Supervised iOS devices
  • Android devices: QuickSupport agent pushed via MaaS360 with Instant Install to supported Android enterprise enrolled devices


Remote Sessions

Once everything is deployed, the time will come when an actual session is needed.  The beauty of the MaaS360 integration with TeamViewer is that TeamViewer can still be used as standalone if there is ever an instance where MaaS360 in not accessible (during scheduled maintenance, for example), but the integration piece makes it much easier for admins and end-users to connect quickly.

For this example, we will show an iOS device, but the experience is very similar across Android, macOS, and Windows as well.


To start, navigate to the device view of the device intended for remote view/control (Note: iOS only supports remote viewing)

Under "More" select "Initiate Remote Support"

The admin will be presented with the following info: 

  • Link for Administrators: This will kick the session off from the admin side in the TeamViewer console.
  • End Users Link: The end user will tap the link to redirect to the QuickSupport agent and automatically begin the session.  The link will be messaged via the MaaS360 agent on mobile devices, however, troubleshooting MaaS360 issues can be a part of this process, so the admin can also see this link so that it may be email, texted, or read aloud to the end user.  In the latter case, user just needs to enter it in to a browser on the device

Once both the admin and the end user have launched their sessions, the devices will connect, and TeamViewer will take over the work load.  For a sample demonstration, view the videos HERE