Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME)

KME to Device Admin MDM

Enabling Knox Mobile Enrollment using MaaS360 and Samsung’s Knox Portal

Step 1: Configure an MDM profile in Knox Mobile Enrollment portal with MaaS360 account details

1. To configure an MDM profile for Knox Mobile Enrollment, perform the following steps:

2. Login to your Samsung Knox account ( --> select Log in).

3. On the dashboard, click “Launch” on “Knox Mobile Enrollment”.

4. Select “MDM Profiles” and choose “Add”.

5. Select “Server URI not required for my MDM”. 

6. Enter a name for the profile (Note: You will need to enter this name exactly the same way in MaaS360).

7. Enter a URL for the MaaS360 APK and paste JSON data from the MaaS360 portal (see following steps on how to gather this



8. The MaaS360 APK and JSON data can be found by logging into your MaaS360 portal and navigating to: Devices > Enrollments > More > Knox Mobile Enrollment.

9. Copy the MaaS360 APK URL and paste it into the MDM Profile in the Knox portal.

10. Download the JSON data and open it in a text editor. Copy and paste the JSON contents into the MDM Profile.

11. Click “Edit” on the Knox Mobile Enrollment prompt in your MaaS360 portal. Name the profile exactly the same way it is named in KME. Check the box “Prompt for Device Name” to enable the option to enter a device name into the MaaS360 app immediately following activation of the device. 

12. After the APK and JSON data are entered in Knox, and the profile name matches in Knox and MaaS360, you can optionally include EULA details for your organization or associate your Knox license with the profile (not required if you are only using Knox for Mobile Enrollment). Then choose “Save”.

Step 2: Add devices to Knox Mobile Enrollment portal and assign the MDM profile

To add devices to KME and assign your MDM profile, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to “Resellers” and select “Register reseller”.

2. Contact the vendor you purchase your devices from and request their KME Reseller ID.
3. Enter your vendor’s Reseller ID. You can also choose to apply the MDM profile you just created in KME to all devices uploaded by this vendor.


4. Your vendor will upload your device details to KME. 
5. After your vendor confirms devices have been uploaded, navigate to Devices > All Devices to assign your MDM Profile and complete user assignment, if performing enrollment scenario #2.
6. You can select individual devices and choose “Configure”, or you can choose “Bulk Configure” and follow Samsung’s instructions to bulk assign profiles and users to devices.

Step 3: Activate new devices via Knox Mobile Enrollment and MaaS360

1. Take new device and follow initial screen to configure Wi-FI.
2. Accept Samsung T&C (no way skip this prompt, but user can skip Google and Samsung account sign in).
3. At conclusion of the standard setup wizard, KME will download the MaaS360 app automatically (this can take up to 10 minutes).


4. The app will enroll automatically and prompt the user to approve administrator access.


5. Deployment Scenario #1: After the device is enrolled, the MaaS360 app will launch to the home screen and the user will see a button to sign in. The user will sign in with MaaS360 Local User credentials or AD/LDAP credentials to receive their policies, apps, docs and other settings made available to them.

6. Deployment Scenario #2: The user will see an additional screen in the workflow confirming authentication is successful. The user will be automatically signed into the app and their relevant content will be distributed.


7. Deployment Scenario 3 and 4: If no user is assigned in the KME portal and users will not sign in to the MaaS360 app after device activation is complete, then the default Android MDM policy in the MaaS360 portal will be applied. If you chose to prompt for device name during the MDM profile creation (applicable for all enrollment scenarios), the user will see the following screen after activation:

8. After device activation, KME enrolled devices will appear in the MaaS360 Device Inventory