Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME)

KME to Device Owner (Android Enterprise)

KNOX Mobile Enrollment has added support for enrolling Android devices in Device Owner mode for Android Enterprise management.  MaaS360 supports this feature and can implement seamless end user enrollment with minimal user input if required.

Setting up KME to DO

To start, login in to the KME portal and select "MDM Profiles" on the left side.

Select the "Device Owner" profile type

Fill out the profile information.  The MDM Agent will auto-populate with the Google Play version of the app.  For version specific downloads, a different link may be provided (Please Note: If you experience an issue linking to an older version of our agent, please attempt to reproduce the behavior using the Play store version before contacting support).  MDM Server URI is not utilized by MaaS360 at this time

The next screen will configure the device behavior upon startup

There are 2 options for enrollment.  The first will force enrollment, but ask the user to manually input enrollment data.  For this scenario leave the Custom JSON Data field in the MaaS360 portal blank.

To streamline enrollment further, a JSON with preconfigured user data can be passed down as part of the process, minimizing user impact.

NOTE: The JSON data is all or nothing - either all fields should be filled out or all left blank. In both scenarios, a JSON must be generated and added to the KME portal for DO enrollment.  If there is no JSON data uploaded, enrollment will not complete, and the app will crash.

NOTE: The enrollment credentials used must match the default enrollment settings in the deployment setup.  Example: Local user credentials are used, then the default enrollment type in the deployment settings must be set as Local Credentials

To get the JSON data, in the MaaS360 portal navigate to Setup-->Settings-->Enrollment Programs-->Android Enterprise zero-touch Enrollment and click Configure.  For the Android Enterprise enrollment process to complete successfully all fields must be filled out.  Please note: Password will be displayed in plain text in the portal and the JSON for this process.  DO NOT select "Device Account"  This applies to future Android Enterprise scenarios related to COSU that are not yet available.

Download the JSON and open in a text editor.  Copy and paste the information on the bottom portion (marked for Android Enterprise) to the KME portal

Once the profile is setup and devices are assigned, the KME workflows will be present on the devices.  For a sample enrollment, please check out our KME+DO enrollment guide HERE