Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME)

KME to Profile Owner (Android Enterprise)

KME allows for seamless enrollment to DO and Device Admin.  MaaS360 also supports it for Profile Owner Android Enterprise enrollments, however this requires more manual interaction at the device level


To get started, make sure that the profile itself is not directing the devices to use Device owner.  The JSON field should be left blank, populating the field with enrollment data can cause the enrollment to fail, or for the device to enroll in the wrong setup.  The URL for the MaaS360 agent can be gathered from the MaaS360 portal by navigating to Setup-->Settings-->Device Enrollment Settings-->Enrollment Programs-->KNOX Mobile Enrollment and click "Configure."  For PO enrollments to work, make sure that the JSON data field is empty


The user will get manual enrollment prompts after the MaaS360 application comes down, and the deployment settings (Setup-->Settings-->Device Enrollment Settings-->Basic or the one-time-passcode settings will need to be properly set for Android Enterprise Enrollment status for PO to be enabled

Sample deployment setup

Sample enrollment request