Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Apple for Education

User Management - Local Users and Classes

Follow the standard MaaS360 workflows to create students and teachers local to MaaS360.  Once education features are enabled, new fields will populate in the individual and bulk creation tools.  The bulk update tools can be leveraged to alter existing user sets with educational user tags.



Navigate to Users-->Directory-->Add User

There will be a new field for Education information


The user should have the 3 basic properties that MaaS360 has always required: Username, Email, Domain

The new (optional) educational features are 

Managed Apple ID - Apple feature used strictly for students.  This Apple ID will be created in ASM, but we can log it here as well

Person Number - Identifying number for individuals

Role - Role in the education environment.  There are multiple options, but Student or Instructor will be most applicable in this scenario

Grade Level - Of the Student or Instructor

Password Policy - Applicable only to the managed Apple ID.  Since this is run by the organization, it acts as more of a PIN than a true password.  If managed Apple IDs are not in the equation, this field is not relevant.


Bulk Addition of Users

We have also added educational fields to the bulk user/edit workflows.  Information can be exported from a Student Information System (SIS) and pasted in to a CSV file downloaded from MaaS360.  Users-->Directory-->More-->Bulk Import

Sample of new fields



Classes are what will define who can see material and how they are managed using the Apple Classroom Application.  There are multiple components to classes, and while they are not all required, filling them out as much as possible makes handling complex environments much easier.  To get started navigate to      School-->Classes-->Add Class

It would be best practice to have the students and instructors imported beforehand if manually adding to classrooms will be the workflow.  Items like location and course are arbitrarily defined by admins for easier tracking of information, but the primary driver behind the connection between the teacher and the students is the Instructors and the Students.  A person could very well be an instructor in one class, and a student in another.

Classroom information can also be edited at a later date on this page


Once the classes are created, standard group workflows through MaaS360 can be used for adding users, distributing apps, and pushing security policies

Classes will appear as user groups under Users-->Groups