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Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Apple for Education

User Management - Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) is a tool that Apple offers to qualified educational environments as a replacement for and its DEP/VPP tools.  It also adds direct integration with Student Information Systems (SIS), which can then sync information to MaaS360.  For information on setting up ASM, please refer to Apple documentation.

To automatically sync students, instructors, and classes from ASM to MaaS360, all we require is a DEP token from ASM uploaded to MaaS360 (it doesn't even need to have devices associated).  Once complete, it can be selected from Schools-->Apple School Manager-->Enable Apple School Manager Integration


Once the token is syncing, it will take upwards of 15 minutes for the initial data pull to complete.  Users will begin to populate the directory automatically.  We will sync every 2 hours, however a manual refresh may be done if new information is needed sooner.  Users in the directory will appear as User Directory (ASM)

Apple School Manager

Directory View

User View (note usernames are = managed Apple ID)