Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise

Enable via Enterprise Account (GMail)

Enable Via Accounts Enterprise

MaaS360 also supports integration in to the Android for Work (AfW) program for companies that want to take advantage of the benefits, but without creating a GSuite account and going through the process of tying their domain to a Google system.  This process requires only a gmail address, and admins can begin the process of enrollment.


This has some benefits over the other method.  It allows companies with multiple MaaS360 portals to independently configure each one with an AfW account, and it gives the admins of those portals the power to determine the apps on their own.

For management, there is no Google Admin console, only the Play Store for Work, where admins will choose applications for distribution (see the Apps Management section for more).

All of the users are managed by MaaS360, and due to this, some app level functions must have the the support built in.  So, in order to use this, end users must enroll with the MaaS360 for Android Agent version 5.65 or higher.  Older versions of the app will not be able to create the AfW user accounts, and enrollment will fail.



1. In the MaaS360 portal, navigate to Setup --> Services --> Mobile Device Management and enable Android for Work, then select "Enable Via Android for Work Accounts Enterprise" and click the hyperlink (ensure that popups are not blocked)


2.  A Google page will open up in a new window (this is not a static page, and can not be used for different portals).  Admins will need to sign in with a Gmail account (if the gmail account used is tied to GSuite, the admins will be prompted to use the other workflow) and enter and Organization Name (this is arbitrary, so for companies with multiple portals, they can enter "Company A Accounting" or something similar).

3. Complete the registration and return to the MaaS360 portal.  The page where AfW was enabled should reflect the integration.


Setup is now complete, and users can begin enrolling!