Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise

QR Code Device Owner Activation

With Android N (7.0) and above, there is a new feature built in to the device activation that allows users to scan a QR code for activating device owner mode for enrolling in to Android for Work.


1. In the MaaS360 portal navigate to Devices-->Enrollments-->Other Enrollment Options-->QR Code For Android Work Managed Device Provisioning.


2.  If needed fill out wifi profile information to be populated on the device.  If the wifi profile is public, users will be able to choose it on the device, and this section can be left blank. Admins may also define a pre-populated set of user credentials that will be passed to the MaaS360 app for a more streamlined enrollment.  For manual enrollment workflows, leave this section blank.  Click "Save"


3.  The QR code will be presented.  It can be left on the screen, or downloaded for use later. The same QR code may be used multiple times.


4. On the devices first activation screen, tap the screen 6 times.



5. Start the QR code process, choose the wifi network (or use data) and let the device download the QR reader



6. Once installed, scan the QR Code on the screen, and agree to the terms and conditions.



7.  The device is now in device owner mode, and the MaaS360 application has been downloaded.  User can now begin the enrollment process. **Note that if enrollment fails, or is cancelled for any reason, the device will automatically factory restore**