Setup Guides

Setup guides will get admins up and running with some of the most popular EMM features available today, including Apples Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise

afw#maas360 Device Owner Activation

For Android devices on 6.0+ MaaS360 can enable Device Owner (DO) mode with a quick and simple code entered during setup.  The code - afw#maas360 - gets entered on the Google Account page during the device setup (as with other DO methods, this requires a factory restored device).  This can only be used if the setup in MaaS360 is with a gmail account.  If the G Suite bind is configured, this feature will not work.  Please refer to the Managed Accounts for DO setup with G Suite accounts


Please Note:  Screen appearances may vary between devices and OS versions



After the code is entered (no password will be prompted for, the device will recognize what it is supposed to do on the next screen), the user will be guided through the process of downloading the MaaS360 application and enrolling the device




Please Note: It is possible for DO devices to enroll in standard MDM.  Please make sure that deployment settings are as such to enforce Android Enterprise enrollment.  End user should see that Step 3 mentions Android For Work, if it does not, the enrollment may not be correct and a device reset will be required


The normal steps for Android Enterprise (Android For Work) enrollment will then resume as normal, requiring encryption if not natively present, and creating the Google Account for the user.