2019 Release Notes

iOS Release Summaries

iOS 3.96 Release Summary

MaaS360 makes the iOS app version 3.96 beta available to download/upgrade from iTunes on August 12, 2019.
MaaS360 for iOS (core app) Enhancements

Certificate-based authentication support for share extension

MaaS360 now allows users to share files to Secure Mail via Share extension without prompting users to switch to MaaS360 app for authentication if Secure Mail uses certificate-based authentication. Previously, when a file was shared to MaaS360 Mail, an error message was displayed, and the file was saved to Outbox.

Note: In SMIME with cert setup, if the user has sent an email from the Compose screen to a recipient earlier, MaaS360 downloads that receiver's certificate and uses the certificate while sending a document via MaaS360 Mail Share extension. As a result, the documents do not end up in the Outbox.

Preview file when importing files into MaaS360 from third-party apps >>

When the files are imported into MaaS360 app from a 3rd party app, MaaS360 now allows users to preview the file and perform actions specific to the file type in the preview mode.

Report email as spam >>

MaaS360 now allows users to report suspicious emails to the administrators. The emails that are reported as spam are automatically sent to the administrators and then deleted from the Inbox. Administrators can use advanced settings in Persona policy to specify the email account that receives the report messages.

Permissions required to use location services in the background >>

With iOS 13, users need to explicitly grant permissions to allow apps to track location in the background.