2019 Release Notes

iOS Release Summaries

iOS 3.85 Release Summary

MaaS360 makes the iOS app version 3.85 beta available to download/upgrade from iTunes on January 22, 2019.

The MaaS360 for iOS app version 3.85 includes the following applications:

  • MaaS360 core app

MaaS360 for iOS (core app) Enhancements

Additional Usage (EULA) policy settings - iOS >>

MaaS360 adds support for usage (EULA) policies, allowing the administrators to grant conditional access to corporate shared devices upon consent to the usage policy. With this support, administrators can create new usage policies and enforcement actions that must be applied on the devices on non-acceptance of those policies. MaaS360 provides a complete view of license agreement status: Expired, Rejected, Accepted, Read only and Pending at the device level. You can also configure the frequency at which email reminders and prompt on app launch can be shown about the modified usage policy. For more information, see Persona policy settings.

MaaS360 iOS agent behavior on account termination 

Until this release, if a MaaS360 portal became inactive, devices would still pass webservice calls updating information such as location data and compliance updates. With 3.85 the application will no longer share data via webservices with an inactive portal, and all communications between the MaaS360 portal and the iOS agent are blocked. Existing corporate data synced locally to the app will remain until the user manually deletes the agent.

Defect fixes

Defect Summary
33971 The email accounts created with the %upn% placeholder via Persona policy are successfully configured on the device.
33831 MaaS360 delivers banner notifications to only those users that have permissions to a delegate account. Administrators can configure the advanced policy to completely disable the notifications for delegate account. Navigate to Security > Policies > Persona Policy > WorkPlace > Security > Configure Other Settings and provide the following key in the Advanced Configuration Details field.
Key: iOSEnableDelegateEmailNotifications
Value: No
33821 Users can successfully delete the emails while the device is placed in the Landscape mode. Previously, the Secure Mail app was terminated when the emails were deleted.
33611 The unread email counter is successfully updated in the Secure Mail app.
33083 The Exif data is retained when a photo is uploaded to email or Docs.