2020 Release Notes

2020 Release Notes

MaaS360 Cloud: 

Release Version Release Date Release Details
 10.77.x  see release summary  What's New Since 10.77 Release Summary
 10.77  20 March 2020  MaaS360 Cloud 10.77 Release Summary
 10.76  13 Dec 2019  MaaS360 Cloud 10.76 Release Summary

MaaS360 Cloud Extender and Mobile Enterprise Gateway: 

Release Version

Subscription Date

(Learn more about module subscriptions)

Subscription Status Release Date Release Details
2.101.x Modules  01 April 2020  OPEN  Aug 2020 TBD  Cloud Extender 2.101.x
 2.100.x Modules
 28 January 2020  CLOSED  09 March 2020  Cloud Extender 2.100.x
 2.99.x Modules  23 September 2019   CLOSED   05 December 2019   Cloud Extender 2.99.x

MaaS360 for iOS:

** iOS Apps that are available on iTunes must go through a review and approval process with Apple. Submission dates specify when the app is submitted and typically is released on iTunes  3-7 days after submission date. 

Release Version Release Date Release Details
 3.98.95  13 Apr 2020  MaaS360 for iOS 3.98.95 Release Summary
 3.98  3 Mar 2020  MaaS360 for iOS 3.98 Release Summary
 3.97.36 Core  5 Jan 2020  MaaS360 for iOS 3.97.36 Release Summary
PIV-D 1.30.115
14 Jan 2020
 PIV-D 1.30.115 Release Summary

MaaS360 for Android:

Release Version Release Date Release Details Apps Released with this Version
 7.05   15 April 2020  MaaS360 for Android 7.05 Release Summary  Core
 7.00  31 March 2020  MaaS360 for Android 7.00 Release Summary   Core, Mail, Browser, Editor, Docs, Viewer, VPN
 6.90   16 Dec 2019  MaaS360 for Android 6.90 Release Summary Core, Mail, Browser, Editor, Docs, Viewer, VPN, Remote Support 
 6.95  17 Feb 2020 MaaS360 for Android 6.95 Release Summary Core, Mail, Bluebird and LG Helper Apps
 6.96  19 Feb 2020  MaaS360 for Android 6.96 Release Summary  Core

MaaS360 for Windows:

Release Version Release Date Release Details

MaaS360 for macOS:

Release Version Release Date Release Details

  macOS and App Packager

  25 January
 macOS and App Packager Release Summary

MaaS360 BETA Program:

This section shows the list of MaaS360 apps that have been made available for beta testing. If you wish to subscribe to the beta programs, please follow the process documented in the links below

App Beta App Version Beta Start Date Beta Status Beta Details
 MaaS360 for Android
 7.05  16 April
 OPEN  Android 7.05 Release Summary
 MaaS360 for Android
 7.0  16 March
 CLOSED  Android 7.0 Release Summary
 MaaS360 for iOS
 3.98  3 March
 OPEN  iOS 3.98 Release Summary
 iOS Secure Browser
 3.0  31 January  OPEN  iOS Secure Browser 3.0 Release Summary
 iOS Secure Browser
 2.90  11 December  CLOSED  iOS Secure Browser 2.90.8 Release Summary
 MaaS360 for Android
 6.95  24 January
CLOSED  Android 6.95 Release Summary