2020 Release Notes

iOS Release Summaries

iOS 3.98 Release Summary

MaaS360 makes the iOS app version 3.98 beta available in iTunes on 3 March 2020.

MaaS360 for iOS (core app) Enhancements

WKWebView support for MaaS360 mail compose screen >>

MaaS360 deprecates UIWebView in favor of WKWebView and uses the latest WKWebView class for email compose screen. With this replacement, the dictation support is added back to the compose email screen.

This feature is supported on following devices:

  • iPad (iOS 13), iPhone (iOS 12+)

End of support for devices running iOS 10 or lower >>

To provide optimum security and performance, MaaS360 announces the end of support for iOS devices running 10 or lower. After iOS 3.98 release, MaaS360 stops support for any bug fixes pertaining to iOS version 10 or lower.

Known issues

Effective 3.98, with the Apple's new privacy restrictions:
  • When Restrict Import of Files persona policy is enabled on iOS 13 and later devices, none of the apps (including the first-party apps) are allowed to share files to MaaS360 app. However, users can share files to the MaaS360 app from Secure Browser, Secure Editor, and SDK/Wrapped apps on iOS 12 or lower versions.
  • MaaS360 does not support activation of SDK apps version 3.30.500 or lower.

Defect Fixes

Defect number
38492, 38161 Matching suggestions are not displayed in auto-complete list when composing emails in Secure Mail.

When a Microsoft Teams meeting invite is opened, Secure Mail failed to launch the Microsoft Teams app.


Secure Mail app crashed when images are shared from iPad via Share Extension.

38112 Large files that are sent via Secure Mail are inaccessible in Outlook.
37868 Before upgrading to WKWebView, Secure Mail crashed while replying/forwarding emails.
37751 Face ID could not be enabled after password reset.
37552 When replying to an email in Secure Mail, the email history is not displayed on selecting Load whole message option.
37407 Before upgrading to WKWebView, the use of Keyboard dictation was disabled in Compose email screen.
36083 The Secure Mail app froze if Inbox contains mails with a large number of conversation threads.
 38800 The French localization for the string Report Phishing in Secure Mail is incorrect.